Stories Stored in Our Body – Acroyoga Lunar Immersion


Up and down.

Mood and movements follow the jumps

of a grasshopper racing in a huge yellow field.

Bent legs – bent forearms

Extended legs- extended forearms

Flexions and extensions alternate

as do smiles and tears on my face.

The goal leads the jump,

though the breath regulates the movement,

though the flow sets the mood,

as a grasshopper I keep jumping, unaware.

I move up, lean forward, then fall back.

like insect legs,

knees point to the ears,

small fore limbs seem useless,

but are actually essential for balance.

There is regular movement,

but no inner inspection;

no detection of interior triggers

that lead the race.

And the field in front looks endless.


Then, suddenly, here I am, exposed.

Face to face to the sky.

Exposed and on display, I feel.

Hanging and swinging like a chicken on a hook.

No much is left in there.

Guts have been removed

by a small spoon digging slowly.

Only my black box remains untouched.

My secret and pulsing core is intact,

no one can see through.

The spoon has dig around it,

above and below it,

on its surface and its sides,

but I can feel it’s still there,

hard and painful as a blade

it shines while I bleed from inside.


Then I reach my ankles

and I take hold of myself.

I swing, I sway like a stick insect in disguise.

I know who I am and

how far I can reach,

I just camouflage not to get caught.


My arms and legs extend again,

but this time the breath follows and,

open chest and release,

the light comes in and

I can fly backwards.

As a dragonfly moves its wings back and forth,

able to change the direction of its flight,

I am ready to embrace the world

according to my will or happy to

blindly follow a sudden gust of wind.


Comfortable in this position,

I rest and even relax,

Belly up,

feet become fins and

I now swim up the current

as a salmon going back

where it was born

to give rise to new life.

In the meantime,

I enjoy the current.

I play with the water flow.

This is my time.

And I make the most of it.

My black box now a cherished treasure

to be shown with pride

and no longer hidden in shame.


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