Loved by the wind

At nightime, the house is carried away by the wind.

The wind penetrates it

and takes it over and over.

The wind knocks the door

and pounds its way through

even if nobody answers.

As the wind enters,

the wooden floor creaks,

and this sound crosses

the large room from side to side.

The wind runs below the house,

through the space between the soil and the stilts,

making its way between the door and the windows

and circulating between the openings

on the opposite sides of the roof.

The wind caresses the bedek walls

and the bamboo furniture vibrates

as the air comes through.

The windows squeak with pleasure

and slowly the house swells.

It swells proud like a sail on a boat

racing fast through the ocean,

brought by the currents and the wind.

This continuous motion

annihilates its weight and,

in a gust of wind,

the house is lifted up in the sky.

Leaves and branches

sway among the air currents coming from the sea,

and this symphony of sounds

accompanies the house in its ascent.

Up there, surrounded by the stars,

the Big Red Full Moon welcomes it in the universe.

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