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Thoughts by Kikx, words by Marge – Full Interview published on the Ozorian Prophet 

A groovy and pumping journey that

scales up, grows and expands

Purple Hexagon label manager, DJ KIKX is in Focus as we take a look at the man behind the artist and the label in an interview for The Prophet, best served alongside his radiOzora mix.

– What were some of the experiences that eventually lead to the creation of Kikx?
– I started spinning psytrance in 2001. At that time I was still going to illegal techno parties, but the scene was getting too messy and I was feeling the desire to be part of the music scene in another way: behind the decks! My first small outdoor psytrance party opened my mind to a new type of music and party concept and few weeks later I bought my first CDJs and original CDs and I began my exploration of the DJing world.

– Tell us about the first psytrance music you focused on and the feeling of being responsible for a dancefloor for the first time.
– At the beginning of my musical research I was a bit confused with the different psytrance styles. It took me a while and many useless CDs to discover something that I would have liked to play. Shiva Space Technology, Space Tribe, Tip World, Spun Records were my favourite labels and my first dj sets were celebrating this music style. I will never forget the feeling of creating the atmosphere and keeping up the vibe of the dancefloor for the first time.
– What are the specialties of the Italian psytrance scene? Which artists, subgenres does the Italian public prefer? And how has this changed throughout the years?
– The current Italian scene is quite big and organized, even if the legal framework keeps being unclear. Every weekend all over the country, there are many psytrance parties and, if you have the opportunity to travel, you will surely find a party with music that fits your style. Italians are party people; during the summer there are many big festivals and it is common to see different generations of dancers partying together.

– In 2008 you started your own label: Purple Hexagon Records. What was the driving force behind this big step? What is the focus and musical individuality of Purple Hexagon?
– I started Purple Hexagon Records because I am passionate about original CDs and compilations. I have always fancied the idea of selecting a compilation of tracks, also because often many compilations on the market only had a couple of tracks that interested me. The goal has always been to release compilations that could be played at different times and in different dj sets while maintaining a groovy and pumping music style that could also be deep and hypnotic. Purple Hexagon is a label with a flexible approach; throughout the years, we have explored different subgenres and created a range of releases of different music styles floating from groovy to dark, always keeping the dancefloor dancing.

– What have been the greatest challenges in managing a label and what have been the greatest highlights or rewards?
– The first challenge was to survive as a label in times where the music sales were falling and Purple Hexagon was not a known label. The biggest reward is that today Purple Hexagon is not a person, but a group of artists, DJs and producers who support the scene with their enthusiasm and passion. While making contributions to their local scene, they act as a link among different communities and cultures, creating strong friendships and musical connections that break ordinary boundaries.

– What artist, music have you recently discovered that would perfectly fit in with the Purple Hexagon soundscapes?
– I recently discovered Metrix, a very young Swiss producer who is joining the label with his first EP. One of the tracks will be a collaboration with Insane Creatures, a rocking live act well established in the label.

– Your label promotes ‘underground psytrance music’… Can you name any artists or releases that define what ‘underground’ in psytrance is today?
– Underground is not related to specific names, events nor to any alternative yet exclusive culture. Underground is an approach, it is all that is moved by passion and that shows what enthusiasm can bring about. Most underground artists do not even think about being underground. They simply do what they can do best with all their heart.
– You have been living in Southeast Asia for the past 6 years… Has this influenced your musical tastes and expression in any way, how has this inspired you? Southeast Asian psytrance?
– When I first arrived in Southeast Asia, I had to broaden and adapt my style to something more “tropical”. I arrived from the European scene and I soon realised that, in the tropics, the local and international crowd wanted a different and more open-air oriented dancing beat. The psytrance scene in the region keeps growing year after year; beside countries such as Thailand, Taiwan or Japan, where parties have been organized for longer, in the past few years psytrance parties and festivals have been organised also in Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, where the scene is small but strong.
– What are some of the breakthroughs or highlights of DJ Kikx’s so far?
– After 6 years in Southeast Asia, this year I went to Central America and I had the opportunity to play at festivals in Costa Rica (Organika), Guatemala (Cosmic Convergence) and Panama (Tribal Gathering). It was great to see the label sound being appreciated by the growing local scene.
– Any time for side-projects?
– My main passion is travelling; I am constantly on the move and I love discovering different psytrance scenes around the world. As far as music is concerned, I like different genres of electronic music. I just finished to compile a free downtempo/glitch various in collaboration with Trimurti Records. Chillheadz will be released on Ektoplazm in 2015.

– What is the next station on the Kikx-Purple Hexagon evolutionary journey?
– Ancient Technology, my latest compilation, is currently in the shops. The next 12 months have in store important releases for Purple Hexagon Records. A new various compiled by Odd and Suddha is in progress and will be released in October 2015. Five eps by of our label producers, namely Hanuman, Xuranium, Psy MR, Caveman, Metrix are on the way and, last but not least, Insane Creatures is working on her album, a much expected gem.
– Tell us a bit about the mix you made for radiOzora… any stories behind the tracks?
– I am usually very spontaneous in my DJ sets; that’s exactly what happened with the mix I recorded for radiOzora. This range of tracks is a selection of the artists and labels that I particularly like at the moment. It reflects my style: a groovy and pumping journey that scales up, grows and expands while it plays.

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