First collaboration between Trimurti Records and Purple Hexagon Records, Chillheadz is a diverse compilation that vibrates at unique frequencies, with each track creating a distinct echo of celebration. Rocky, groovy and at times experimental, this collection emanates the artists’ and the underground labels’ distinct style.

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Along this intense musical path, you will visit and experience different realms and emotional states. You will wonder in full Exporation and explore Subterranea spaces; you will passionately embark on a Love Trip and temporarily rest into Ethernal Peace, the soundscape will turn Blood Orange and surprise you with Shades of Grey. Just as you smell the scent of Namisan, you will feel your Father Hormone levels rising and, without realising it, you will find ourself drifting along the flow of Styx and Stoned. As you unexpectedly feel Phutoidz, your senses will be kicked again and, breathing deeply the halo of Gonda, you will naturally shed Heveya Tears of joy. Let it all go, embrace the journey and you will intensely enjoy every single step up Chillheadz’ psychedelic expansion ladder.


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