Music Therapy

This poem was written in 2004 in a waiting room, a few days after an intense music session. I republish it with a smile on my face, because every time I read it, I think and I still and always believe music and dance can heal many wounds and sustain many paths. 


First my ears,

then my skin, right after.

Sound comes, catching my attention.

First my ears, disturbed,

then, without notice,

my skin follows the vibe.

And my mind elsewhere, already.

Resting in this calm,

hugged by sound,

I get pushed, I get pushed forward.

First my ears,

then a gust of wind blows,

hits my face.

Hot, cold, then hot again.

Vibrations run faster

and faster.

Head and neck,

down through my arms.

Feeling sound in each finger,

too weak to hold, to keep this power.

But vibes go down, too.

And, legs aroused,

ankles suddenly weak,

feet must move.

Nothing but a compound of parts

in an endless motion,

a nonstop dance

producing a sound

which reflects its nature.

I dance, dance, dance,

my body delivered,

delivered to sound.

And to sound it answers,

only towards sound it is responsible.

That’s my cure.

That’s how my body heals.

And then blooms,

Like a new born. 

taiwan bunnies

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5 thoughts on “Music Therapy

    • I read it 5 times and it was powerfull especially with music around i feel exactly like in this pearl poem…Thanks

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