I wrote this poem in 2003 between many short trips and a longer one. It’s all still valid. Dedicated to all those who cannot travel or who are forced to move against their will and to those who are stuck and do not know why. 

The sky opens up, towards me

Clouds spread

Colours get darker

Then bright again.

The moment has come.

It’s time for me to go

It’s time for me to leave behind

It’s time for me to look ahead.

When the door opens

Careful I slip through

As quickly as I can

As quietly as I can

I slip through it

Towards what I don’t know

Towards what I don’t care

I just go

Because the moment has come.

I’ve been waiting for long

My things already packed

My nails all bitten out

My stomach a tight knot

But ready to loose promptly

My mind follows the tide

Once hurrying to go

Now glad to wait

Knowing that it’s not a waste of time

It’s not a void in the search

Only a pause

A helpful pause

A simple break

An useful wait

Yes I could

Break the door with an axe

Yes I could

Kick it down

I could burn it

Or simply walk the other way

And find a door already open

As I have already done before.

But not this time

This time I’ve chosen

I’ve chosen and I stick

I stick to this one

And I won’t move.

Once I thought I was the problem

Once I thought the key wasn’t the right one

The door was the wrong one.

But then I observed

I studied the door

I looked at the sky

And down at my hands

And I smiled

coz the door opened

but only at certain moments

only at particular instants

following its rhythm

its internal rhythm

its unique movement

if I wanted to enter

I didn’t have to force myself in

I had to learn to wait,

Learn to wait.

Breath calmly

And be ready,

Ready to leave.


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