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“Sending a strong message through music”

– interview w/ CAVEMAN

Thoughts by Caveman, Words by Marge
RadiOzora’s Purple Hexagon series brings us the sounds, and the Ozorian Prophet the words of the one and only survivor of the Ice Age, CAVEMAN. Read audioillustrated!

– What were some of the key events that got you involved in psytrance?
– The key event that triggered it all is Libere Eforie by Quarion Tribe. This event was started 12 years ago with the aim to create a space where everyone could express their creativity without restrictions or rules. I attended every single edition.
– How was your alter ego born? What stands behind the name of your project?
– My name comes from a joke. My friend Psy Sari a.k.a. Intelligent Monkey called me “Caveman” because of my clumsy way of walking and the long dreadlocks, which gave the impression I was a caveman from the stone age!
– Musically speaking, have there been any unusual inspirations?
– I have always got my inspiration from non-electronic music such as metal punk and its branches. Beside the pure power of music, this genre has influenced me in terms of sending a strong message through music.
– Your most ‘psychedelic’ or life-changing experience so far?
– The most life-changing experience was my first psychedelic party in 2005. It introduced me to a hidden scene, populated by people who were free to express themselves with their interesting ideas for the collective well-being. I did not think I would find this in the world of electronic music, as I had a different idea of it, more as a business-oriented scene than as a community of people who have useful suggestions for the growth of society.
– Have you experienced any noticeable changes in the scene since you became a part of it?
– Yes, unfortunately. The value of transmitting a strong message of change through events and music is less and less strong, as well as the way people are approached people and explained what and how a sick and corrupted society can be changed. Social networks and the accessibility of technology have exposed the scene, which is now accessible to anyone. It is harder now to manage the scene while keeping the good initial intentions.
– Who do you think are the most cutting-edge newest sound makers in the scene? Who are your newest discoveries?
– The artist who has recently impressed me the most is Fagin’s Reject. I listened to his sound and my jaw dropped. He is one of the few who have really surprised me.
– What can you tell us about your creative process?
– Since I was 15 years old I have been working at nighttime and I have always had the opportunity to be by myself in the silence of the night, thinking and training my creativity. Something I have always loved about my job, and in music production alike, is the opportunity to share what I like with many people. Music is my bread because I can transmit emotions, thoughts and my state of mind, exactly like when I make bread. In both processes, I use my hands and I can transmit my personal touch, which is unique. The same thing happens with music, it is all connected. In fact, the most intense production moments happen when I have a lot of work at the bakery and ideas come to life.
– Which one of your releases/tracks are the most characteristic of your sound or stand the closest to you for some reason?
– No More Lies is the one. Like each one of my tracks, it bears a personal meaning, but this one in particular was created in a moment of my life in which I needed more truth and less lies. It was a strong moment of transition which has eventually influenced my way of making music.
– What are you working on at present? Upcoming?
– I am practicing with other genres, trying to use a different sound and looking for more “real” sound to make it as personal as possible.
– Side-projects? Experiments with new sounds and genres?
– I am approaching dub music and similar genres in order to combine them with psytrance in the best possible way. I still have to experiment in order to personalize this process.
– What are some of the greatest challenges you face?

– My greatest challenge has always been to give structure and solidity to anything I do, like I do everyday in my bakery. It is also hard to always transmit a message with my music, in order to make my experience as collective as possible.
– If it wasn’t psytrance, what would it be?
– If I hadn’t discovered psytrance I would have probably ended up in a ska-punk band. This is the genre that still makes me jump and gives me endless energy as if I was 15 years old.

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