EXPAND UNRESTRAINED, TAKE IT SLOW Luxury private pool villas in Gili Air

Unrestrained, ether is the element that allows change and growth to take place, creating the space for the other elements to fill. As ether expands and shrinks, adapting form and boundaries, Slow Villa is a space where all elements fits in naturally and where you will find your own dimension. Experiencing Slow Villas will make you discover the freedom of a stay without restrictions. You will enjoy creating the holiday you need, naturally expanding and growing in a relaxed and homely atmosphere in tune with the environment.

When we go on holiday, it is hard to leave the stress of our daily lives behind. We pack our luggage with enthusiasm and expectations, but we often bring along the hustle and bustle of our hectic existence. However, going on holiday is not stepping into another system of duties and obligations.

Slow Villas in Gili Air is one of the best antidotes to the fear of missing out when on vacation. Ten contemporary luxury villas located in one of the quietest areas of Gili Air and an hospitality concept based on comfort, relaxation and total freedom ensure a laid-back and personalised experience. Created by three Belgian friends passionate about travel and with experience in architecture, advertising and hospitality, Slow is the perfect blend of luxury and casualness, where you will move at a slower pace and at the same time savour every single bit Gili Air has to offer.

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A homely experience

Julie’s laughter can be heard from afar, followed by the echo of the rest of the Slow staff, a happy team who adapted impeccably to the discreet yet highly attentive culture of service promoted at Slow. “It is important that our team feels like a family.” Julie, one of the founders and passionate Gili Air resident said. “We transmit this homely atmosphere to our guests, who naturally feel at home.” she added.

Julie arrived in Gili Air few years ago as she was travelling the world and, for the first time in many years, she decided to stop. “This island has a magic energy that struck me immediately and which has allowed me to grow and shine. This is what Slow is about: a personalised experience in total freedom and relaxation.” she explained with a smile. No need to rush from one activity to the next; guests can choose among a wide array of activities available on the island or to breathe the peace of one of the ten private pool villas, where a range of breakfast options are served at any time you wish and a personal chef is available for charming private dinners.

Slow concept is also about environmental awareness. No plastic is used in the property and a strict waste separation policy is implemented by the staff, who regularly organises beach clean-ups. Guests are encouraged to reduce their energy consumption and this is not difficult on an island where bicycles and horse carts are the only means of transportation!


Slow Spa, the extreme treat

A world on its own, Slow Spa is undoubtedly the best spa currently on Gili Air. The extensive use of bamboo and natural materials and the annexed garden create a unique indoor space, where nature and comfort meet to ensure relaxation in tune with the surrounding tropical environment.

Slow therapists regularly attend trainings and their golden hands know how to unknot and relax. Among other beauty treatments, a particular note deserves the waxing, made using an Arabic ancient beauty recipe. Honey, deminaralised water, white sugar and lemon, which is used as an anti-septic, are mixed and cooked at a precise temperature. The wax is then applied by hand on the skin. Much less painful than the regular waxing, this hand technique takes off all dead celles and makes the skin of the whole body very soft and smooth.

New – SLOW retreats

Packages focussing on well-being and body awareness featuring international therapists and yoga teachers – Check the latest updates on www.slowgiliair.com

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