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The Kite world is getting smaller and more connected thanks to Kite OnAir, THE one-stop website for all that is kite surfing and related disciplines. Brainchild of passionate kiter and instructor Stefano, this website was created to respond to a much needed service among worldwide kiters: get connected and spread this sport! Stefano is an avid traveller who has been kiting and teaching this exciting discipline on windy beaches and lagoons in remote and less remote locations for a while now, and he now feels it is time to bridge a gap in the kite world. “Along the years, I have been often asked by my students about tips on where and when to go kiting. This is why I decided to launch this service and use the best available technologies to create a specialised network.” Stefano explained.

The idea of a platform that would provide kiters with update weather and location information has expanded to include a wide range of other services made by and dedicated to worldwide kiters. Today, Kite OnAir is a comprehensive website that caters for passionate kiters, for people who are interested in this sport and eager to know more as well as for those who make a business out of this activity. From Kite Boarding, practiced on a twintip board, to Kite foiling, the latest trend on surfing on a Hydrofoil board, Kite OnAir provides detailed information about the 7 different disciplines covered and equipment used by this practice, including Kite buggying and Kite landboarding. Moreover, by featuring a database of lodges, schools, shops and retreat locations, Kite OnAir aims at connecting locations and users, providing excellent practice opportunities for kiters and interesting business opportunities for property owners and kite instructors who are seeking to expand their network. This service is also open to those who intend convert kiting from a passion to a job and way of life. Indeed, Kite OnAir features a rich database with interesting job offers from worldwide kite centres, a dedicated section on all the necessary information to embark on this exciting professional path and also offers interesting packages to companies who intend to advertise on the website.


Kite OnAir valuable support does not end here, as the platform also offers the possibility to get in touch with the network in a dynamic way, by commenting on events and instructors as well as leaving reviews that can be helpful to other users. In addition, Kite OnAir includes a section about second-hand equipment, which, thanks to the embedded geolocation features, presents the items according to the user’s location, thus simplifying the search and purchase of equipment. Last but not least, Kite OnAir is launching Radio Kite OnAir Network, a radio station that will be dedicated to events, personalities and information about kiting. Indeed, Kite OnAir is already the best and most connected Kite website, but it is expanding, adding new network users daily. The use of WPA (web progressive application) allows to take the best of native Apps such as iOS and Android and establish a strong presence on the Web.

Whether you are curious about kiting or you want to expand your career and business opportunities in this field, Kite OnAir is the right and unique platform for you! Let the wind carry you to discover the best water, snow and land locations, while having fun and be kissed by the sun!

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