Natural High – High Hand to Hand

Bone on bone,

Eye to eye

Nailing deeply in a straight line

Connecting the earth to the sky

And the sky to the earth.

In between,

Two hands glued in a vacuum air pocket,

and a gaze.

It’s a gaze of hope and trust,

It’s a gaze of unrestrained length,

Long one second or an eternity.

There is no enigma, no doubt.

It’s a simple, transparent gaze

that holds the comfort of gravity.

It’s a simple breath suspended in mid-air.

The mind is empty on a blurred background,

there is no past, no future

confidence is the spotter

supporting this wholeness.

Time extends and then it stops

Time stops before extending again.

As we find our centre in a suction

and we stick to it in balance.

Naturally high and highly natural.

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