A warrior

A warrior can be fully trusted, because he will never deceive those who have believed in him. A warrior reassure others by his presence, as his deeds are stronger and more effective than his words. A warrior fights against the enemies of truth and the fomenters of hatred, because his only goal is peace. A […]


~~~~ Scroll Down for English ~~~~Image by Art of Nabura Un’onda, un abbraccio violento, un forte ceffone. Un calcio in pancia che diventa gentile, paradossalmente. Tutto parte dalle estremita’, da muscoli delle gambe e delle braccia, ma e’ la pancia che risponde. Il respiro regolare, la mente immobile fa fuoco su un punto solo. E il […]

In Città

In città si trova chi non si e’ mai mosso, e anche chi non si e’ mai fermato. In città c’e’ chi cresce, chi invecchia e chi si incaglia, incastrato dalle comodita a portata di mano o dalle strette briglie del sistema. In città ci si stringe per fare posto, ci si mette in fila […]

Art Everywhere

Indonesia is a treasure-chest of art forms. With over 17,000 islands, art is the expression of the archipelago’s hundreds of tribal cultures and the result of centuries of trade, exchanges and colonial presence. The diversity of ethnic groups is reflected in the varied linguistic, religious and costume traditions co-existing within the country and art is no exception. Handicrafts, textiles, ceremonial items as well as forms of theatre and traditional dances exalt the influence of traditional cultures in daily life.

Ninja Star Variations

We put together a few variations of the infamous AcroYoga Ninja Star washing machine. The game was to play on the different axis and plans, trying to keep it horizontal as much as possible and to have the flyer keep the gaze at the same height. We had fun. Backdrop is Captain Coconut in Gili […]

Barbers & Suspenders: the Real Vintage Look

Published on Wiseguy Suspenders In the last few years barber shops have been experiencing a revival, becoming cool places where to hang out and get a trendy yet unique look. A bit like tattoo shops, they are nowadays considered the kind of place where you enter looking like an ordinary dude and you come out […]

Suspenders: functionality and trend throughout history

Published on Wiseguy Suspenders Pics courtesy of Schorem barbers and Wiseguy Suspenders   Few man’s garments have made as many appearances in different times of history as suspenders. Known as “braces” in British English, suspenders have been around for centuries; at the time of Louis XIV, Frenchmen would tie straps of cloth to their undergarments to […]

Teak: Indonesia’s Precious Wood

Published on Gili Life Wood is a fascinating material, unparalleled in its beauty and functionality. Whether burnt for heat, carved for construction or worshipped as sacred, wood is no ordinary material. Mankind has exploited its countless properties for thousand of years; even today, wood remains one of the most valued natural materials available. Naturally protecting […]