I wrote this poem in 2003 between many short trips and a longer one. It’s all still valid. Dedicated to all those who cannot travel or who are forced to move against their will and to those who are stuck and do not know why.  The sky opens up, towards me Clouds spread Colours get […]

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Music Therapy

This poem was written in 2004 in a waiting room, a few days after an intense music session. I republish it with a smile on my face, because every time I read it, I think and I still and always believe music and dance can heal many wounds and sustain many paths.    First my ears, then […]

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is located close to the archeological site of Anuradhapura and is one of the largest and oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. Due to the war, it closed in 1988 and opened to the public again in 2003. It is still relatively out of common tourist itineraries and one of the best […]

Loved by the wind

At nightime, the house is carried away by the wind. The wind penetrates it and takes it over and over. The wind knocks the door and pounds its way through even if nobody answers. As the wind enters, the wooden floor creaks, and this sound crosses the large room from side to side. The wind […]

Upside Down and Bottom Up

To make sense of the world, we must filter it. To think is to forget. -Joshua Foer   Maggie Mee went down headfirst; she sees now the world upside down. Her belly is off the ground and she couldn’t be more exposed and vulnerable. For a few seconds, she feels frozen. Stomach in a tight, […]

Mantravine and Acromonkeys

One month later, here is the video of the Acro Yoga performance by Acro Monkeys at Mantravine’s concert, Lit Up Festival 2013, Singapore. I dedicate a special deep bow in an upside-down position to organisers, artists and performers who made the event possible, creating a bubble in the middle of the city where we could […]