Natural Disasters and Human Nature

Today is the national day of mourning for the victims of the severe earthquake that hit the Italian region of Abruzzo on April 6. Media coverage of the earthquake has been one of the main protagonists of this tragic event. Thanks to cameras in the house of the Reality Show The Big Brother, it has […]

I will smile if I am alive

I will smile if I am alive. If I am dead, only memories will be left. Yes, this is Europe. On my first day of work I did not know what to say, how to introduce myself. I stepped into the school hoping the lady at the front desk had seen the bus parked outside. […]

Interview à Mathura Shrestha

Mathura P. Shrestha, médecin retraité, est l’ancien président du Forum pour la Défense des Droits de l’Homme au Népal. Il fut également ministre de la Santé dans le gouvernement intérimaire de 1991. Rencontre. Publié sur Liberté! Amnesty International Belgique Francophone  Quelles sont les différences entre le combat populaire en faveur de la démocratie des années 1990 […]

Armenian Beauty

Exposed long legs, beautiful thin ankles, and small feet encapsulated in colourful high shoes. Heavy make up, long and shiny hair, happy smiles. Hands perfectly manicured, they move graciously. You can see them chatting and laughing. They often speak many languages. Many go to University, travel abroad, dream, and even plan brilliant careers, or at […]

Interview to Wildthings Records

Stumble, ripple, roll off equilibrium’s security into instability’s blissful stability The warmth and the success of a party are very subjective and depend on many aspects. Legal, illegal, in clubs, open-air, festivals, small parties with a bunch of friends… we all have our favourite. …endless morning conversations, which one is better and why, long debates […]