Monitor Lizard – harmless dragons and smart hunters

Monitor lizard are common residents of the Gili islands and, although increasing construction and larger human presence have confined the territory of these beautiful reptiles, they are frequently spotted. Do not be fooled by their dragon-like appearance, these animals belong to the same genus of the fierce and dangerous Komodo dragons, but the species found in the Gilis is harmless. When you happen to meet one, worst-case scenario it will be so scared that it will start vomiting and defecating because of fear. To avoid this type of mutually disturbing encounters, do not food leftovers around the place.

Nyepi – The day of silence Nyepi – Le jour du silence

Sssh! It’s Nyepi! In Bali today it is the day of silence, when the world is clean and everything starts anew. Like every year on this special day, the streets of Bali are desert. No honking motorbikes, no insistent street vendors, no transport and no beach life! Sssh! C’est Nyepi. Aujourd’hui à Bali c’est le […]

Sarong – Indonesia Traditional Fashion

Sarongs are the most famous traditional Indonesian garment. Crossing social and religious boundaries, sarongs have been worn by royals and fishermen alike for centuries; in today’s Indonesia, it is typical to see men in checked sarong relaxing under a beruga, women walking elegantly in their colourful batik and even tourists wearing one to go to […]