~~~~ Scroll Down for English ~~~~Image by Art of Nabura Un’onda, un abbraccio violento, un forte ceffone. Un calcio in pancia che diventa gentile, paradossalmente. Tutto parte dalle estremita’, da muscoli delle gambe e delle braccia, ma e’ la pancia che risponde. Il respiro regolare, la mente immobile fa fuoco su un punto solo. E il […]

Art Everywhere

Indonesia is a treasure-chest of art forms. With over 17,000 islands, art is the expression of the archipelago’s hundreds of tribal cultures and the result of centuries of trade, exchanges and colonial presence. The diversity of ethnic groups is reflected in the varied linguistic, religious and costume traditions co-existing within the country and art is no exception. Handicrafts, textiles, ceremonial items as well as forms of theatre and traditional dances exalt the influence of traditional cultures in daily life.

Sasak People

Population: 3,600,000 Language: Sasak Geography: Lombok Religion: Islam (Wetu Telu), Islam (Waktu Lima), Bodha (Buddhist, Hindu and animistic influences) SASAK ARCHITECTURE Traditional Sasak houses are representative of a family social status and hierarchy and are typically built in rows in the low part of the village. Made in wood and woven bamboo (bedek), they have […]

Vivere off the grid – Earthship by Mike Reynolds

Sono oltre 40 anni che l’architetto americano Mike Reynolds costruisce “Earthships“. Diversi modelli di quest’edificio completamente ecosostenibile sono stati realizzati in tutto il mondo, alcuni sono diventati residenze private, altri uffici o case di vacanze, mentre alcuni Earthship sono stati adottati all’interno di piani di emergenza abitativa. Con il suo design inusuale e sempre diverso, […]

Yogyakarta: a stroll into the city’s street art

Indonesia’s indisputable capital of culture, Yogyakarta is the country’s largest education hub and a thriving cultural centre. Javanese artistic and cultural heritage pervades the city, but its dynamic creative essence can be breathed in the streets too, where artwork on the walls expresses young Indonesian artists’s creativity and transforms the city in an open-air art gallery.

Sarong – Indonesia Traditional Fashion

Sarongs are the most famous traditional Indonesian garment. Crossing social and religious boundaries, sarongs have been worn by royals and fishermen alike for centuries; in today’s Indonesia, it is typical to see men in checked sarong relaxing under a beruga, women walking elegantly in their colourful batik and even tourists wearing one to go to […]