Nyepi – The day of silence Nyepi – Le jour du silence

Sssh! It’s Nyepi! In Bali today it is the day of silence, when the world is clean and everything starts anew. Like every year on this special day, the streets of Bali are desert. No honking motorbikes, no insistent street vendors, no transport and no beach life! Sssh! C’est Nyepi. Aujourd’hui à Bali c’est le […]

Sarong – Indonesia Traditional Fashion

Sarongs are the most famous traditional Indonesian garment. Crossing social and religious boundaries, sarongs have been worn by royals and fishermen alike for centuries; in today’s Indonesia, it is typical to see men in checked sarong relaxing under a beruga, women walking elegantly in their colourful batik and even tourists wearing one to go to […]

Music Therapy

This poem was written in 2004 in a waiting room, a few days after an intense music session. I republish it with a smile on my face, because every time I read it, I think and I still and always believe music and dance can heal many wounds and sustain many paths.    First my ears, then […]

Merdeka! Indonesia Independence Day

On August 17, Indonesia celebrates its 70 years of independence. In these seventy years, Indonesia has made amazing progress, becoming a fast-growing economy and one of the biggest democracies of the world. To mark this important anniversary, the Indonesian people get together in every corner of the country to pay tribute to merdeka, their freedom […]


First collaboration between Trimurti Records and Purple Hexagon Records, Chillheadz is a diverse compilation that vibrates at unique frequencies, with each track creating a distinct echo of celebration. Rocky, groovy and at times experimental, this collection emanates the artists’ and the underground labels’ distinct style. Listen and dowload for free here  Along this intense musical […]

Sustainable Design Meets Science

Adopting state-of-the-art environmental standards and a scientific, contemporary interpretative approach, Singapore’s Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) stands out for its distinct architecture and exhibition design, which show continuity between the external building and the galleries. Both W Architects and Gsmprjct worked on solid and multi-faceted shapes; the building resembles a solid rock covered […]