Other Tempos

Compiled by Purple Hexagon Records’ label manager dj Kikx, Other Tempos is a collection of 10 tracks featuring some of the most creative underground artists from around the world. Expect an exploration across downtempo and psy dub sounds celebrating the universal language of music and designed to make listeners travel in space and time. Enjoy […]

Music Therapy

This poem was written in 2004 in a waiting room, a few days after an intense music session. I republish it with a smile on my face, because every time I read it, I think and I still and always believe music and dance can heal many wounds and sustain many paths.    First my ears, then […]


First collaboration between Trimurti Records and Purple Hexagon Records, Chillheadz is a diverse compilation that vibrates at unique frequencies, with each track creating a distinct echo of celebration. Rocky, groovy and at times experimental, this collection emanates the artists’ and the underground labels’ distinct style. Listen and dowload for free here  Along this intense musical […]

Dj Kikx on the Ozorian Prophet

Thoughts by Kikx, words by Marge – Full Interview published on the Ozorian Prophet  A groovy and pumping journey that scales up, grows and expands Purple Hexagon label manager, DJ KIKX is in Focus as we take a look at the man behind the artist and the label in an interview for The Prophet, best […]

Circus Show at Gili Air primary school!

I love coming to relax in Gili Air in between my professional juggling trainings, playing fire on the beach and meeting many motivated young local boys and girls who are into juggling and fire performing. A bit for fun, a bit to give back to this amazing community who welcomes me and my friends every […]

Caveman – Event Horizon

After two very appreciated powerful ep, Caveman is ready to present his first album, a collection of 9 tracks specially built to bring you to a music realm from where it is hard to return. First aroused by the strong night sound, your feet and ears will soon be dragged to a point at which […]

Memetic Ideosphere

`By all means let’s be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.` -Richard Dawkins- Memes can be defined as complex ideas that form themselves into distinct memorable units. Memes are also units of cultural information that jump from brain to brain and propagate themselves. We like to think that psytrance musical memes […]