Sfida Tropicale

E’ facile sentirsi minuscoli e spiazzati quando si arriva a Singapore, rimpiccioliti da altissimi grattacieli dalle forme più strane e persi negli infiniti corridoi commerciali sotterranei. Non sembra vero che le torri di uffici dalle luci cangianti, simili a imponenti ed enormi robot, distino poche fermate di metropolitana dalla densa foresta tropicale. A prima vista […]

Delphine Robbe: Taking it personally

Behind every successful project there is a successful manager and a successful team, but when community work is involved, then the networking and personal commitment of the project’s beneficiaries are the only keys to success. Delphine Robbe is the driving force behind the Gili EcoTrust, a not-for-profit organization actively involved in the protection of the […]

Bringing the reef back to life

Imagine diving off one of the beautiful shores of the Gili islands in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, and finding yourself facing fishermen equipped with dynamite and destroying the coral reef. It would be far from picture perfect, but this was the reality before the Gili EcoTrust, a not-for-profit environmental organization, was set up in the […]

David Kuper: Meet Mr. Waste

After spending most of his life working for the Swiss chemical industry, David Kuper never thought he would end up leading a project that would earn him the nickname of Pak Sampah, Mr. Waste. But Kuper, who had enough resources to retire at 54, was ready to give his life a new direction when an […]