A warrior

A warrior can be fully trusted, because he will never deceive those who have believed in him. A warrior reassure others by his presence, as his deeds are stronger and more effective than his words. A warrior fights against the enemies of truth and the fomenters of hatred, because his only goal is peace. A […]

Ninja Star Variations

We put together a few variations of the infamous AcroYoga Ninja Star washing machine. The game was to play on the different axis and plans, trying to keep it horizontal as much as possible and to have the flyer keep the gaze at the same height. We had fun. Backdrop is Captain Coconut in Gili […]

The Union of Breath and Ocean

Yoga and diving are associated to motion and change; while the air element is regarded as the point where consciousness takes on a particular direction or goal, while the water element is considered the river upon which life flows, the healing force that unites different entities and that brings about waves of emotion. This is why filling the lungs with the air of the ocean to balance the mind and spirit as we practice makes a massive difference, compared to practicing yoga elsewhere.

Upside Down and Bottom Up

To make sense of the world, we must filter it. To think is to forget. -Joshua Foer   Maggie Mee went down headfirst; she sees now the world upside down. Her belly is off the ground and she couldn’t be more exposed and vulnerable. For a few seconds, she feels frozen. Stomach in a tight, […]