Sustainable Design Meets Science

Adopting state-of-the-art environmental standards and a scientific, contemporary interpretative approach, Singapore’s Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) stands out for its distinct architecture and exhibition design, which show continuity between the external building and the galleries. Both W Architects and Gsmprjct worked on solid and multi-faceted shapes; the building resembles a solid rock covered […]

Haze Times

Fog had invaded the city, a thick, opaque fog, which engulfed things and sounds, flattened distances into a space without dimensions, mixed lights into the darkness and transformed them into glows without shape or place. The Wrong Stop – Marcovaldo Or The Seasons In The City Italo Calvino   -Am I dreaming or am I […]

Mantravine and Acromonkeys

One month later, here is the video of the Acro Yoga performance by Acro Monkeys at Mantravine’s concert, Lit Up Festival 2013, Singapore. I dedicate a special deep bow in an upside-down position to organisers, artists and performers who made the event possible, creating a bubble in the middle of the city where we could […]

Segnali di Fumo

Non è la prima volta che spessa nebbia copre i luccicanti palazzi di Singapore, lasciando nell’aria un fastidioso odore di bruciato. Nonostante l’ambiente cittadino tropicale, non è nebbia dovuta a umidità eccessiva o inquinamento urbano, ma caligine, foschia dovuta agli incendi nelle foreste indonesiane. Sumatra brucia e fino a Singapore non si respira, l’indice PSI […]

Back to the Roots

Many are probably familiar with the DNA technology used to solve mysterious crimes or cases of uncertain paternity. DNA tests have nailed more than a few murderers, allowed the release of the wrongly imprisoned and forced celebrities to shell out big bucks to groupies with kids. Terms such as “genetic fingerprinting” and “barcoding” are also […]