In Città

In città si trova chi non si e’ mai mosso, e anche chi non si e’ mai fermato. In città c’e’ chi cresce, chi invecchia e chi si incaglia, incastrato dalle comodita a portata di mano o dalle strette briglie del sistema. In città ci si stringe per fare posto, ci si mette in fila […]


First collaboration between Trimurti Records and Purple Hexagon Records, Chillheadz is a diverse compilation that vibrates at unique frequencies, with each track creating a distinct echo of celebration. Rocky, groovy and at times experimental, this collection emanates the artists’ and the underground labels’ distinct style. Listen and dowload for free here  Along this intense musical […]

A house belongs to who lives in it

After 7 years of neglect following the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games, the former Olympic Village [locally known as “Ex-MOI”] was occupied on March 30th, 2013 to tackle the housing emergency lived by the refugees in the city of Turin. There are currently around 600 people of over 21 different nationalities living at the Ex-MOI, […]

Arduino LED AcroSuit@Ozora 2014

Ozora festival in Hungary is a magic place where creativity comes to life in thousands of different art expressions. In 2014 we thought of applying the infinite possibilities of Arduino to an AcroYoga performance in the Chill Out Dome. We were running a workshop of LED lights in the HackerSpace of the ArtBarn and on […]

Memetic Ideosphere

`By all means let’s be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.` -Richard Dawkins- Memes can be defined as complex ideas that form themselves into distinct memorable units. Memes are also units of cultural information that jump from brain to brain and propagate themselves. We like to think that psytrance musical memes […]

Arroganti Speranze

Nonna e’ anziana, ma non e’ vecchia. Nonna ha una data di nascita che ha dell’incredibile se la si paragona con la media mondiale, ma non ha rughe. Nonna e’ bella. Nonna ha una vita sessuale e sociale, il sorriso bianco e splendente e sempre voglia di imparare. Nonna ha piu’ di uno stipendio che […]

PicTurin 2010: Il Video

2010 was year Zero. Over 40 national and international artists met up in Torino for the first edition of the PicTurin — Torino Mural Art Festival, one of the main events within the “2010: European Youth Capital” schedule, and amongst the most important international graffiti art events. The city, form downtown to suburbs, was hit […]