PicTurin 2010: Erica Il Cane

Un cantiere. Un parcheggio che diventa platea; spettatori seduti su gradini sporchi e puzzolenti di piscio e avanzi di cibo e in piedi, appollaiati su qualche appoggio, mani in tasca, cappucci e scarpe da ginnastica. Gli spettatori guardano fisso davanti a loro, in alto, sguardo rivolto verso un muro grigio e malandato che piano piano […]

Panem et Circenses? You Wish!

At first sight, Italy is a country in complete decadence. It is succumbing to a general moaning and to a fight to grab the leftovers. In this fight, the rich do as they please and they become richer and the dying middle-class struggles over the crumbs, fooled by some fake ethics that is only enforced […]

Purple Hexagon – To the dance floor and behind

Founded in 2008 by Dj Kikx, Purple Hexagon Records is a full-spectrum psychedelic music label that supports and is supported by the passion and enthusiasm of many psytrance aficionados around the world. Unpretentious and underground, this international grassroots label promotes psychedelic music, Djs and artists, showcasing the diverse talents of many of the party worlds […]

I Like Innocence, I Like Ignorance

This post was firstly posted on Armenian Nessuna’s blog and on photographer Onnik Krikorian‘s blog and gave rise to great debate about gender issues and sex education in Armenia. Unfortunately, Onnik’s and other comments from the Armenian blogosphere are not longer available on the web. Although characters, names and story are fictional, all conversations have real […]

Swine Flu Pandemia

LONDRA-KUALA LUMPUR Panico epidemia febbre suina. Al check-in chiedono, al pari delle domande di routine su chi e come Ë stato fatto il bagaglio, se si presentano sintomi di tale malattia. Non so neanche quali siano, i sintomi. Rispondo ovviamente no a tutte le domande e di colpo mi parte un colpo di tosse. L’hostess […]

Refugees in Turin – Occupation

In October 2008 around 80 people with the status of political refugees occupied the Clinica San Paolo, a former private clinic located in Corso Peschiera 178 in Turin. The occupation was organised in order to respond to the emergency of housing political refugees on the Municipality’s housing waiting list. “Once obtained the refugee status, these […]

Natural Disasters and Human Nature

Today is the national day of mourning for the victims of the severe earthquake that hit the Italian region of Abruzzo on April 6. Media coverage of the earthquake has been one of the main protagonists of this tragic event. Thanks to cameras in the house of the Reality Show The Big Brother, it has […]

I will smile if I am alive

I will smile if I am alive. If I am dead, only memories will be left. Yes, this is Europe. On my first day of work I did not know what to say, how to introduce myself. I stepped into the school hoping the lady at the front desk had seen the bus parked outside. […]

Sonda la ronda o crea la baraonda

Non è importante la gravità di un problema, quanto la percezione che la gente ha del problema. Il modo in cui si vive il problema fa la differenza e di fatto crea il problema. Si tende ad amplificare il proprio e a sminuire l’altrui. Come si suol dire, spesso ci si preoccupa maggiormente se la […]