Ninja Star Variations

We put together a few variations of the infamous AcroYoga Ninja Star washing machine. The game was to play on the different axis and plans, trying to keep it horizontal as much as possible and to have the flyer keep the gaze at the same height. We had fun. Backdrop is Captain Coconut in Gili […]

Circus Show at Gili Air primary school!

I love coming to relax in Gili Air in between my professional juggling trainings, playing fire on the beach and meeting many motivated young local boys and girls who are into juggling and fire performing. A bit for fun, a bit to give back to this amazing community who welcomes me and my friends every […]

Upside Down and Bottom Up

To make sense of the world, we must filter it. To think is to forget. -Joshua Foer   Maggie Mee went down headfirst; she sees now the world upside down. Her belly is off the ground and she couldn’t be more exposed and vulnerable. For a few seconds, she feels frozen. Stomach in a tight, […]

Mantravine and Acromonkeys

One month later, here is the video of the Acro Yoga performance by Acro Monkeys at Mantravine’s concert, Lit Up Festival 2013, Singapore. I dedicate a special deep bow in an upside-down position to organisers, artists and performers who made the event possible, creating a bubble in the middle of the city where we could […]