Other Tempos

Compiled by Purple Hexagon Records’ label manager dj Kikx, Other Tempos is a collection of 10 tracks featuring some of the most creative underground artists from around the world. Expect an exploration across downtempo and psy dub sounds celebrating the universal language of music and designed to make listeners travel in space and time. Enjoy […]

Tropical Visions

Purple Hexagon Records celebrate its 5th birthday with a double cd compilation offering an intense collection of psychedelic music. Compiled by the label dj team, “Tropical Visions” is a tribute to the shining, smiling & feet-stomping dancefloors of South East Asia. At the same time, it is a special praise to the magic of Gili […]

Gado Gado

Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian and South-East Asian dish, consisting of a colorful mix of boiled vegetables, served with a spicy peanut sauce dressing. After boiling in the Hexagon’s pot, the ingredients collected by Dj Kikx and the Om Project crew are now combined together and ready to spice you up with this eclectic […]

Indonesia Psytrance Scene

In Indonesia the psytrance scene has always been mainly located in Bali, a well-known tourist and surfing destination also famous for its art. Bali’s artists have been painting psychedelic backdrops and creating colourful decorations for years, this is why this island has become the destination of psychedelic fashion designers and party-decorators who, inspired by local […]

Purple Hexagon – To the dance floor and behind

Founded in 2008 by Dj Kikx, Purple Hexagon Records is a full-spectrum psychedelic music label that supports and is supported by the passion and enthusiasm of many psytrance aficionados around the world. Unpretentious and underground, this international grassroots label promotes psychedelic music, Djs and artists, showcasing the diverse talents of many of the party worlds […]