Teak: Indonesia’s Precious Wood

Published on Gili Life Wood is a fascinating material, unparalleled in its beauty and functionality. Whether burnt for heat, carved for construction or worshipped as sacred, wood is no ordinary material. Mankind has exploited its countless properties for thousand of years; even today, wood remains one of the most valued natural materials available. Naturally protecting […]

Answering to the call of nature is not a number game – Toilet Day

On October 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Abhyan Mission (Clean India) which includes the challenge to provide all Indians with a toilet and eradicate open defecation by 2019. This article was written following Billion Bricks visit to Konchur, Karnataka in 2016, where the team went to assess the viability of the project to build new toilets for the village.

Sustainable Travel: Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints

As travelling becomes accessible to more and more people, more and more locations across the world are vulnerable to the impact of mass tourism, which has undoubtfully a strong impact on the environment and can influence forever local biodiversity, local culture and the experience of future visitors. Indonesia and the Gili Islands are no exception and the environment has changed dramatically due to massive tourism-related investments and the increasing presence of international visitors.

Lunga vita al bamboo

Un prodotto totalmente biologico sviluppato recentemente sembra avere il potenziale per permettere al bamboo di vivere ancora piu’ a lungo. Se si rivelasse veramente efficace, consentirà di impiegare maggiormente questo materiale tradizionale per la costruzione di mobili ed edifici e alleviare cosi’ la tensione sulle foreste, ormai stremati polmoni della terra. Materiale molto abbondante e […]

Energia Nucleare nell’Anello di Fuoco

Lo tsunami in Giappone e i conseguenti rischi di incidente nelle centrali nucleari del paese hanno scatenato dibattiti sulla legittimità di questa fonte energetica in tutta l’Asia, il continente attualmente maggiormente in espansione dal punto di vista economico e demografico. Specialmente nel sud-est asiatico, le ferite dello tsunami del 2004 e dei continui recenti terremoti […]