A warrior

A warrior can be fully trusted,
because he will never deceive those who have believed in him.
A warrior reassure others by his presence,
as his deeds are stronger and more effective than his words.
A warrior fights against the enemies of truth and the fomenters of hatred,
because his only goal is peace.
A warrior’s word is a promise that he never breaches.
A warrior can travel across lands and seas,
but when his people need him, he’s by their side protecting them.
A warrior doesn’t need a master or a leader to obey to,
because the only things he’s faithful to are the values he believes in.
A warrior doesn’t need to convince anyone,
because what he says is pure and spotless with or without external support.
A warrior is not jealous not judgmental,
because he only follows the truth and the truth can not be envied nor judged.
A warrior can take time off, laugh and cry,
because he’s not a soldier, he’s a warrior.
A warrior’s smile is a warm embrace.
A warrior cannot sleep if his people, his woman and his family are not safe.
A warrior doesn’t fight against his own people and doesn’t boycott his own work,
because that’s service to the enemy.
A warrior can listen, and only speaks if it’s needed.
A warrior is not afraid of losing, because life is not a competition.
A warrior can be doubtful,
but he will never bring his people deep into his doubts.
A warrior.

A warrior is so authentic that he can be funny, scary and never unpredictable.
A warrior holds your hand when you’re about to fall,
but leaves you alone when you need to grow.
A warrior watches from a distance and never tells you what to do,
but he shows you the way if you’re willing to learn.
A warrior is friend of the weak and gives a voice to the ones who can’t speak.
A warrior supports and prays for his people,
even when he’s not directly involved.
A warrior forgives, but never forgets.
A warrior suffers, but never blames.
A warrior fights, but he’s never violent.
A warrior dreams and loves, because his vulnerability is his strength.
A warrior.


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